I’m having a sidewalk sale

Come and check out some cool things

I got a heart I’ve worn on my sleeve along with emotional roller coasters and other tea set things

I’m having a sidewalk sale today

Make sure you come, hurry up and buy!

I’ve got some limited edition rose colored glasses, 3rd base passes, lessons learned from repeated classes, and a couple of skin tight jeans that compliment asses

I need to get rid of all my self-doubting secret sensations, record playing temptations, a bible missing Galatians, a few screws lost, shoes without laces, empty retainers (no need for braces), a dirty ol diary full of places, I’ve dreamed of but never been, closet full of designers to cover up the hated skin I’m in

Come by my house in a bit and check out the sale I’m having on my sidewalk, bring your money and bring your chalk, so you can sign your name and then you can walk, away with precious things from my sidewalk display