Amurri “Artmurri” Lauren and her upcoming NYC Art Show “Seesaw”

Amurri Lauren, known throughout several social media handles as “Artmurri,” is an exceptional art creative.

Amurri is a photographer and art director, native to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, currently freelancing out of New York City.

This self-taught, “reality” photographer, has a reputation of having an irrefutable creative style due to her fine, keen eye. She’s continuously receiving accolades for clean and deliberate content from a wide variety of fellow artists.

She’s well known for producing inspirational content that is often contrasting; her visuals are gritty yet tasteful.

Ms. Lauren’s inspiration stems from a life long love and passion for music, pop culture, art and design.

Amurri is gearing up for her very first solo exhibition in NYC this Fall (October, 2018); she’s preparing to show the world the passion that shines through her collection of work through an impressive portfolio as she has attracted a wide audience around the world as she continues to capture Unique moments from people’s energy is captured and turned/ generated into magical visual drama.

“Amurri Lauren is pleased to announce “SeeSaw,” her first solo exhibition in New York City. This two-day event will introduce her reinvigorating artwork that emphasizes a concept on new beginnings. “SeeSaw” chronicles a victorious story through a collection of triumphant artwork; it’s Amurri’s most beloved images (both fought for and captured), moving collaborations, and the most defining moments in her career. “SeeSaw” is the epitome of overcoming obstacles, allowing room for new growth, and accepting each opportunity to begin again.”


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