Today was a “good”day

Today was a “good”day

Woke up and first thing I did was thank God
I’m blessed with a new day; finally, I’m not feeling odd.
Is it me or is the sun is shining brighter

Feeling better, so I put on some eyeliner
Couldn’t forget my Fenty lip gloss (even put on some killawatt highlighter)

I woke up 2 hours earlier than usual

I flossed, I tossed my hair up, and it looks real cute, well, peculiar

I actually made my bed and fluffed up my pillows, now my room is familiar

I tamed my edges, I even put a scarf on to tie them down
While I waited and waited for the edge controller to dry, I turned my frown upside down

I remembered the promise I made: “tomorrow will be a better day”
So with that smile I packed up my lunch, even made me a bottle of lemonade

I said a prayer, I did my hair, I smiled, and made up my bed, I packed some food up for myself, and remembered that every bill is paid
I left out the door for work on time, what a difference from yesterday
I gotta go cause I got my boo waiting and if I’m another second late HE’LL be lemonadin
I remembered my headphones but I had to stop at the curb, before getting in the car, I had to address a funny sound I heard
Looking out my peripheral, I saw a shiny material, moving toward me at the speed of light
It was my neighbor’s dog brownie, with a shiny new bow in her hair, running up to meet and greet me with kisses
Now it’s confirmed everything will be alright
I haven’t felt this loved on any day or night
I got a tweet from Trey, but it was really a fake account
That shit should be illegal, got a girl’s heart all racing, damn near ready to pass out
Got in my love’s car, finally, and called up my girls,
I’m acting as if I just read a blimp saying “the world’s all yours”
After work, I told them, I’m dying to do a happy hour
Get a few drinks in me and I’m in trouble but fuck it I’m up for an Amaretto Sour
Last week I fucked around and had one too many double shots
But here we are now, fast forward the clocks
Sitting on the lap of my bae, no tides, no docks,
Just a little big baby I call my bae

Thinking, yeah, “Today is a good day”

He drove me right up to the front door of my job
I got to slob on his knob
Cause just yesterday I hated his guts
I’m making up for my bitchy attitude, I know I drive him nuts
Saw the security, peeking out the window at me
I’m just nervous I know the car has a sorta tint
No flexin, didn’t even look in the nosey nigga’s direction
Not giving out any hints
Went inside and everyone was tuned into BET, catching up on ratchet TV

Nothing really to do ,I guess, not a day full of stress, I’m here on time and looking my best, about an hour later my boss said…

I’m off early

the end of the day

go home and take a rest

Today was a good day

(A poem inspired by Ice Cube–“It was a good day”)


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