Who can love you like me?

Who drinks lukewarm coffee?

Want to live the Black American dream and see if the grass is as green as they make it seem?

Tell me who gon love you like me and take the stars from the sky and constellate your dark valley

Consummate, be your team player

and fulfill your fantasy

we’re going to make a perfect team

Imagine having a brilliant women like me

Isn’t a wonderful to think

When you were brewing inside your mother’s belly

You were also being made for me

God made me apart of your destiny

Somewhere mixed up in your chemistry

A scared gene

That made you gravitate to me

A love incubating

Floating throughout eternity

Seeking my love

Desperate to find a women like me

Can you name every life form in the sea?

Then how can you tell me about me?

If I had a bill for every smile you gave me

I could give this country real change like the promise of Obi

Watch you turn into an OG and teach boys how to be real men and love women like me

Someone who isn’t nobody.