Were I Pygmalion or God 

I would make you exactly as you are … in all dimensions. 

From your warm hair to your intimate toes would you be wholly in your own image.

I would change nothing, add or take away. 

The same full red flower would model for your mouth — and from the same seashore would I bring the small translucent ear-shapes of your ears.

O the lovely throat that I could duplicate! 

The tender arms! 

I would shape your breasts the shape of the hungry little faces they are now … and tip them with the same quick mouths.

I could not make your eyes deeper than they are — nor softer to look into … nor could I turn your hips, your thighs, your belly in a sweeter curve: nor indent the hollows of your loins more tenderly — or store more honey there or fire.

How would I name you … need you ask?

You know.

By the scarlet and the blue you wear when love is upon you, by the yellow tongues — by the warm white fragrance … by the slender leaves.