“Keep me” post-it (a poem about Karma)

You said keep me posted right before you ghosted

Can’t be mad because, shit, I just do the same thing

I’ll see a nigga calling and just let my phone ring

Won’t even consider answering

This segment of my life is titled:

“Never let me go but never speak to me again”

I should be up for an Oscar nomination

I’d face the academy

And actually expect to win

I’m addicted to gambling

I bet on an old man

He had just got out of jail

Told me “I’m 44 but I look young as hell”

I bet on a liar, a married ass cheater

A sweet man in the day, at night a woman beater

A religious leader

A vegan eater

I put it all on a bottom feeder

Guess I could never turn down a game of follow the leader

 I must look like a child in some weak bitch’s clothing, with an easily controlled mind, just entering into a “walk all over me because I don’t have a voice” pageant, as long as you show me a dollar sign

Offended, letting it run its course, offending another with no remorse

Letting my ignorance run it’s course, cursing you out with no remorse.

See I want who I want when I want him

I’ll tell you all about this guy named Tim

I’ll say “call you right back” and in the next second turn into a stranger thing

All while waiting for him, waiting for my phone to ring

Living in the upside down never turning back around

Comfortable with a smile that’s permanently upside down

“Be careful what you wish for” an incoming text

In line for a meeting with karma and she called out “Next!”

No matter what I’ve said no matter what I continue to say

My Karama is keeping track of all the guys I’ve ever played

He said keep me posted right before he ghosted

Can’t be mad bc shit I do the same thing

A dunce hat sitting on top of my crown & between my legs, tingling

By the time I’m ready to settle down by the time I turn upside down my frown

I’ll be walking down the aisle in my snow white gown

Karma will invite everyone in town

Will she finally choose who chooses her?

Everyone will be on the edge of their seats, waiting for an “I Do” but I won’t make a sound…

But I’ll keep you posted!



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