Mystiky Maquillage

#MystikyMaquillage was born in December 2017 💋I started off just wanting to create beauty products that would compliment my #African features and to make me feel proud. ✊🏽This started out as a hobby stemming from personal feelings of wanting to see women like me represented in #beauty. ✨✨✨<a href=”″>Mystiky Maquillage Monthly Subscription </a>

Now, two years later, I’m looking at the bigger picture and my goal is to continue to create #makeup that is inclusive! 💕💕I want to create cosmetics that will make people feel confident no matter the #hue

I want to contribute to the diversity in the beauty world while promoting #AllNaturalBeauty

I dished out a ton of money over the years to support businesses and corporations (that are already profiting #millions) & I was never truly satisfied with the products that I’ve accumulated over the years.

I always wanted more information to what was in those products anyway… It took time to see the importance in supporting #smallbusiness and #blackownedbusinesses and to break the cycle of supporting brands where I am not represented… Your #skin, your body’s largest organ, absorbs almost 70% of what is put on it…can you honestly say that you know what that is on a daily basis? This brand is full of #AllNaturalIngredients in every #beautyproduct we leave out all of the harmful chemicals and other toxic ingredients commonally used.

I am inspired everyday to continue creating and my brand is dedicated to the adventurous side of me which includes #traveling the world; my favorite trip so far was #Paris, #France & that’s where the #Maquillage (meaning “makeup” in French) comes from!

I’m inspired by the what if’s in life like what if a young brown girl with huge facial features is inspired by my creativity and goes on to create her own makeup or to write a book or run a #blog, etc.

I’m inspired by the endless possibilities of the future, where #Mystiky #Maquillage will be in the next couple of years, and the successful woman & #entrepreneur I’m destined to be.

#Mystic (who believes in the #spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.) = Mystik

I’d like to think I’m almost at that point, but not quite (so I’m Instagram: @MystikyMaquillage & @Mystik.y)

TRY OUR MONTHLY SUBSCRIPTION BEAUTY BOX <a href=”″>Mystiky Maquillage Monthly Subscription </a>


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