The importance of supporting small businesses, Black owned businesses & female entreprenuers #Philly #MystikyMaquillage #Youngloudproud

I gave a presentation today at the JITW elementary school in #Germantown #Philadelphia

As a guest for career day I talked about my cosmetic line Mystiky Maquillage 💋 the benefits of being an Entrepreneur the importance of generating Wealth and creating more Black Owned Businesses in our communities 🖤✨

I spent about an hour creating all natural #

lip balm/ chapstick & an all natural bug repellent (I dubbed #glamrepellent)

The kids were so engaged and had so many questions (really insightful too)! I really appreciate opportunities like these to inspire other people especially young people! #youngloudproud

As we were wrapping up our time together I asked all of the students to name atleast one important thing they learned and one third grader almost made me cry he said “I learned you can do whatever you want to do and be whoever you want to be as long as you work really hard” 🥰😍😭🖤🖤 and another kid yelled out “you’re doing an amazing job Miss Maya” and that made me smile so hard you know how brutally honest kids can be lol so I was happy to know that overall the kids were engaged, realized how important #mystiky #maquillage is to me and acknowledge my seriousness and the hard work I put into my #craft. I may post up some videos later but I just wanted to let you know today was a good day and kids are the future. —@mystik.y Support their creativity as much as you can and promote Entrepreneurship ever moment you get.


Mystiky Maquillage was born in December 2017 💋I started off just wanting to create beauty products that would compliment my African features and to make me feel proud. ✊🏽

This started out as a hobby stemming from personal feelings of wanting to see women like me represented in beauty. ✨✨✨

Now, two years later, I’m looking at the bigger picture and my goal is to continue to create #makeup that is inclusive! 💕💕

I want to create cosmetics that will make people feel confident no matter the hue and I want to contribute to the diversity in the beauty world while promoting All Natural Beauty!

I dished out a ton of money over the years to support businesses and corporations (that are already profiting millions) & I was never truly satisfied with the products that I’ve accumulated over the years.

I always wanted more information to what was in those products anyway…

It took time to see the importance in supporting small businesses and black owned businesses and to break the cycle of supporting brands where I am not represented…

Your skin, your body’s largest organ, absorbs almost 70% of what is put on it…can you honestly say that you know what that is on a daily basis?

This brand is full of All Natural Ingredients in every beauty product we leave out all of the harmful chemicals and other toxic ingredients commonally used.

I am inspired everyday to continue creating and my brand is dedicated to the adventurous side of me which includes traveling the world; my favorite trip so far was Paris, France & that’s where the Maquillage (meaning “makeup” in French) comes from!

I’m inspired by the what if’s in life like what if a young brown girl with huge facial features is inspired by my creativity and goes on to

create her own makeup or to write a book or run a #blog, etc.

I’m inspired by the endless possibilities of the future, where #Mystiky #Maquillage will be in the next couple of years, and the successful woman & #entrepreneur I’m destined to be.

#Mystic (who believes in the #spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect.) = Mystik

I’d like to think I’m almost at that point, but not quite (so I’m @Mystik.y (IG handle))

My name is Maya Danielle the creator of Young Loud Proud & Mystiky Maquillage (IG:@youngloudproud & @mystik.y & @mystikymaquillage)

#MystikyMaquillage is an all natural + vegan friendly & cruelty free makeup line.

All my beauty products are handmade and I have over 50 shades of lipstick, eyeshadow, and body oil!


Check out my Etsy site:

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