“I’m a critic of Capitalism” Angela Davis

“Are Prisons Obsolete? Blues Legacies and Black Feminism, Women, Culture & Politics (2004)”   “Radical simply means grasping things at the root’” “The civil rights movement demanded access, and access has been granted to some. The challenge of the twenty-first century is not to demand equal opportunity to participate in the machinery of oppression. Rather,…

YLP in the workplace (personal)

Young Professionals in the workplace (some of my experiences) Being a young, black woman in the workplace is hard. In my opinion, some people in higher positions just don’t want to see success outside of their norm or comfort. That is why it is time for the emergence of more African-American owned and operated businesses….

Independence Day? 

Why we recognize Juneteenth Instead… Watch the video below to learn more about OUR Freedom Movement 6/19/1865 Emancipation Day- Promises of Liberty   -Maya

2016 NBA Champs: CAVS

Highlights Cleveland Cavaliers NBA Finals against Golden State Warriors 4-3       Yayyyyyyyyyyyy I’m so happy the CAVS really deserved this championship!!! P.S. Kyrie Irving is bae. -Maya   (Feature Photo: Ezra Shaw, Getty Images)    


  The highlights say it all. Catch Game 7 on Father’s Day (June 19, 2016)

Size Matters.

The true size of Africa. Comparison Chart Source Economist.com How can you generalize a place that is literally larger than life? Most people do not realize the actual size of Africa. Africa is a continent larger than any other in the world. You better believe it isn’t just full of jungles and mud pits… -Maya