Size Matters.

The true size of Africa. Comparison Chart Source How can you generalize a place that is literally larger than life? Most people do not realize the actual size of Africa. Africa is a continent larger than any other in the world. You better believe it isn't just full of jungles and mud pits... -Maya

Speaking Out Loud

Techniques to Improve Presentation Skills Anxiety reducing techniques When giving a presentation the speaker should keep in mind that the audience is not their enemy. Presenters can reduce anxiety by first changing their view of the audience; presenters should look at the audience as collaborators. Then, involve the audience by asking questions, etc. Don’t panic... Continue Reading →

Hidden Colors 1-4

The day I learned my history did not start with slaves arriving in America, my life changed. Having a new, different, and better perspective of myself, my history, and my people has had such a positive impact on my life thus far. The more I learn about my history, before African enslavement, the more I... Continue Reading →

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