“I’ll tell you what freedom is to me—No Fear!” Happy Birthday Nina Simone #BlackHistoryMonth

Happy Birthday to the Legendary Nina Simone (February 21, 1933 – April 21, 2003)! She would've turned 84 years old today. Nina Simone used her voice in many ways making her one of the most talented individuals in her era (1950s-1970s). Ms. Simone used her talents to entertain but more importantly to support the Civil... Continue Reading →

Brace Yourself For This Long List of Black Inventors

Happy Black History Month!!!!!! Here's a list of black inventors and their inventions: Bessie Blount Griffin (1914-2009) Patented a device allowing amputees to feed themselves Garrett Morgan (1877–1963) Hair-straightening products, a breathing device, a revamped sewing machine and an improved traffic signal Sarah Boone (c. 1870–1900)  Ironing board Alexander Miles (1830s-1918) Automatic elevator doors Lewis... Continue Reading →

“The Mind is a Terrible Thing to Waste” find out how #UmbraSearch can help

The immediacy in receiving information has created an impatient, ignorant, society. There has been a complete transition from the way information has been communicated and shared in the past and now. Compared to the past, our society does not have to create our imagery or rely heavily on professionals to deliver information due to a... Continue Reading →

Daily Prompt: Carry

via Daily Prompt: Carry "Keep Calm and Carry On." Keep-To have or retain possession of Calm- A quiet peaceful state or condition Carry on-To continue an activity or task Have or retain possession of a quiet peaceful state or condition as you continue your activities or tasks. -Maya

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