Hey Young Loud Proud supporters!

My name is Maya Danielle and I am a certified journalist, published author, blogger & podcaster, from Philadelphia, Pa.

I have conducted interviews, published articles in scientific magazines, and most recently a book of poems (An Ode to the “Good Girl”).

I have published articles in Laboratory Animal Science Professionals (LAS Pro) magazine detailing a successful hands-on animal training program I created for laboratory professionals.

I am experience in training small/diverse groups of people from my time working as a Vet Tech at the University of Pennsylvania. I have held small training classes and conducted numerous presentations for continuing education opportunities.

I have successfully launched 6 episodes on my podcast “Speak Up: an invincible girl’s podcast” and I have been discussing social issues on my podcasts and the effects on minorities in Philadelphia; this has been documented on my blog with the theme “I Like Me.” I have successfully published articles and conducted interviews promoting entrepreneurship and the importance of developing a craft.

The ultimate goal of YLP is to encourage and educate children across cultures. This blog promotes the dismantling of stereotypes, promotes diversity & inclusion, promotes self-love and a place to celebrate art.

I have an active beauty line “ Mystiky Maquillage” where I hand make all natural/chemical free beauty products (Check it out on the homepage of my blog or by clicking here: #MYSTIKYMAQUILLAGE ).

Young Loud Proud is my voice and my outlet.

I dedicate “YLP” to the unapologetic youth of today.

This space will promote values of trust and fairness

educate young people

bring awareness

acknowledge those striving for excellence

focus on the great achievements of our people, past and present.

There will be no compensation for contributors.

If you are interested in submitting you art please email me: proudloudyoung@gmail.com

Thank you.

Maya Danielle