New Docu-Series: Shades

“The DMV means the realest.”- Shades Shades (the DMV) is an unscripted series focusing on the lives of young African American men and women residing in the District of Columbia. A group of DC natives will document their experiences in expressing culture, overcoming racial opposition, discovering their heritage and their involvement in real events in their community. The creators of Shades-the-DMV (Love Nafi & Nadia Marie Sasso) have a mission of changing our generation’s (millennials’) perception of our community and the world as a whole.   Watch the official trailer: “The docu-series is focused on Afro- millennial’s starting a … Continue reading New Docu-Series: Shades

#NeverEverEverEverGIVEUP : I’ll Take Trap-spiration for 1017 Alex!

Tired of being let down by [some of] social media’s content? Were you recently exposed to a gruesome murder or a random subway fight on Facebook? Feeling like your President is letting you down? Is that annoying co worker subtweeting you again?? Well, here’s an inspirational boost:  Gucci Mane has been on a motivational kick lately, I don’t know if this is just the promo for his upcoming autobiography, but I’m 100 percent here for the positive vibes he’s been giving all summer ’17. Here’s some #TRAPspiration for you: #BURR #WOP Everyone can benefit from creating a positive mindset and … Continue reading #NeverEverEverEverGIVEUP : I’ll Take Trap-spiration for 1017 Alex!

Put Your Next Flight On Layaway With “Airfordable”

Ama Marfo, recent Drexel University graduate and frequent international flyer created an affordable way to travel through her start-up company “Airfordable.”   As a student at Drexel, Marfo could not afford to foot the bill to visit her family home in Ghana during semester breaks: “I wanted to see my family in Ghana during school breaks, but couldn’t afford the $2,000 ticket,” she recalled. “I stayed in the dorm alone or with other international students who couldn’t go home. Because of this personal frustration, I set out to determine how to make travel more accessible.” -Ama Marfo Marfo ultimately took … Continue reading Put Your Next Flight On Layaway With “Airfordable”

When you put on for your city: it’s Lee Mazin!

Philadelphia’s own Hip Hop/ Rap artist Lee Mazin & friends are hosting a Philadelphia high school tour. This exclusive high school tour gives an opportunity for young people to socially engage with one another through music and the overall opportunity to just have fun in a positive way.     It’s always a good look to see people who are from the community make it to a higher status and give back. In this instance, it’s beneficial to young people.     One time for the culture.   This tour kicked off in April and will continue on this month. … Continue reading When you put on for your city: it’s Lee Mazin!

Papoose Alphabetical Slaughter Part II Z to A (2013)

Papoose Alphabetical Slaughter: Part II Z to A (Lyrics) (Z) Z-zag-zig Zimbabwean Zambian Zaires Zodiac zoning Zulu, Zian zillion zapling zillionth zillionaire (Y) Yo you yeah, yesterday’s youth yearning You yellow-belly yankee ying yang yelling YESmen (X) X-rated Ex-African X-man Ex-leaders ex-clearance X-Malcolm X-Clan We want war, world war, world wide warning Walking with weapons we wacking walkietalkies wearing wardens We with whatever, “what what” wilding wherever war went Warlock, warpath, warfare, warriors with warrants Wasting white whine, wearing Wu-wear with wallabes Why would we waste words we weakening wigs wobbly (V) Vengeful villains vandalize villages viciously Vandavere vandike, very … Continue reading Papoose Alphabetical Slaughter Part II Z to A (2013)