Reporting Grief

Personal experiences that mirror current events within the community can impact journalists who will impact their report. Some impacts include unintentional influence, over exposure, or bias. Continue reading Reporting Grief


My ultimate goal is to publish a magazine directed toward young adults. I think there should be an outlet dedicated to reporting positive reports on young people striving for excellence. Continue reading Mission

Controversial Issues

Issue Characteristics Commonalities with other controversial issues Differences with other controversial issues Institutional Racism A system of inequality based on an individual or group’s race. Groups have formed to seek justice/change (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People-NAACP, ect.) An ongoing issue, impacting minorities, resulting from generations of inequality. Global Warming A continuous increase in the weather’s climate. Commonly discussed topic in media; deemed a national issue Does not affect just a single group of people but every living thing world wide Women’s rights Promotion of legal and social equality between  women and men. Groups have formed to seek … Continue reading Controversial Issues


Accuracy is constituted to be the freedom from error or mistakes. Accuracy is the overall representation of the truth and is the correctness of information. Accuracy is imperative when perusing the truth and maintaining a trusted relationship with the public is the goal. This can be accomplished by ensuring credibility and validity from received information. To determine if information is accurate, the journalist should create a system that allows diligent and thorough verification. The use of a checklist is an example of how a journalist can stay organized and review information for any oversight of errors. Double checking and fact … Continue reading ACCURACY