Accuracy is constituted to be the freedom from error or mistakes. Accuracy is the overall representation of the truth and is the correctness of information. Accuracy is imperative when perusing the truth and maintaining a trusted relationship with the public is the goal. This can be accomplished by ensuring credibility and validity from received information.

To determine if information is accurate, the journalist should create a system that allows diligent and thorough verification. The use of a checklist is an example of how a journalist can stay organized and review information for any oversight of errors. Double checking and fact checking sources, researching the facts, and colleague collaboration also helps determine accuracy.

As a story editor pursuing accuracy, I will remain attentive to errors or mistakes that may be present in all future work submitted. I plan to collaborate with other colleagues; ensuring team work on any project. I plan to execute an accuracy checklist, keeping track of correct spelling and grammar issues, correct quotations from sources, as well as correct terms of use. I will ensure factual information corresponds with any pictures or additional media that is used along with story; as all stories must maintain fairness and balance without bias.

To determine the accuracy of information, it the journalist should create a comparison to other sources of information, evaluated it for validity, and test it to ensure accuracy. After these steps are taken and the information is thoroughly reviewed, the information is not subjective which proves it to be accurate.




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