Upholding the journalistic principles, adhering to ethical standards, and maintaining social responsibility will contribute to my success in journalism. My ultimate goal is to publish a magazine directed toward young adults. I think there should be an outlet dedicated to reporting positive reports on young people striving for excellence.

While promoting values of trust and fairness, this magazine will aim at educating young people on various topics not easily explained in other forms of media. I want to create the magazine that I needed growing up allowing input from the current generation. My goal is to discuss the topics that the younger generation believes needs more awareness.

I would like to work with professional writers and other reliable sources to create a concept where we allow submissions from readers. I want my magazine to be fair in allowing the youth to voice their opinions on various topics while gaining accurate knowledge. “Objective reporting is a desirable ethical value and seen as a means of achieving the truth” (Berry, 2009).  This collaboration will allow objectivity. The interests of the audience will be the primary influence on the discussion topics.

I would like to report on the important current events in various communities that affect young adults. Avoiding plagiarism means that all of the magazine’s contributors need accreditation. Careful consideration of its content must meet the community’s standards of decency.

I want readers to contribute to my magazine trusting that none of their work will fall prey to misuse. This caution allows credibility and reliability while upholding the truth. The omission of important information and fabricating details can easily ruin my magazine’s reputation. Sending contributor’s notification for edits for grammatical errors ensures credibility. Maintaining public trust is imperative; working with various members of the community for their input helps this relationship. As far as a conflict of interest, I will provide a statement in the magazine that will explain that there will be no compensation or for contributors to this magazine. I want the youth to contribute freely; expressing their opinions, concerns, and views, without pressure. I want to ensure the motivations behind the submissions aren’t corrupt, and the magazine is honest.

Modern journalism rules and standards for social responsibility include the absence of bias, reliable facts, and serving and safeguarding the public’s best interests. Journalists must always remain accountable to the public. A strict adherence to the highest standards of ethics and freedom from the control of those who wish to control the story is of the utmost importance to continue to serve the public.



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