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Suppressed Deity & Young Loud Proud’s presents: Sick, Lit & LOUD

“We have been on a journey from the age of 7, creating our own stories and characters. Being underrepresented as young girls of color, we began designing our own worlds where we were able to exist freely. Presently, we are still creating platforms for disenfranchised groups, proclaiming self-acceptance. Our most recent project, Sick & Lit, is an empowering series that pokes holes in the stereotypes surrounding race, sexuality, and socioeconomic status. Please join the movement by sharing & following the link in our bio to donate to our cause.” —Suppressed Deity, LLC.

“Suppressed Deity, LLC” is an organization based in Philly that produces media content for entertainment and educational purposes.

SuppressedDeity is looking to fund their first project: “Sick & Lit” a project based on the struggles of Millennials. (please follow this link to help support their project

✨✨Check out the trailer and let me know what you think!!!✨✨

Founders, Gabbi (@november_drums) & Mishea (@diva_sass), are special guests on #YoungLoudProud’s #SpeakUpPodcast (Episode 4 titled “Sick, Lit & Loud” with #MayaDanielle @mystik.y) where they’re discussing the series Sick & Lit as well as Race, Hair, Gender, Sexuality SocialMedia, MentalHealth & so much more 🖤✨

・・・THANK YOU for a very exciting collaboration 🙏🏽💕Catch the episodes 1-4 of @YoungLoudProud’s Podcast Speak Up: An Invincible Girl’s Podcast (clickable link in bio)

Make sure you’re following @suppressed_deity (on Twitter& IG) so you don’t miss any of their upcoming projects! Stay Tuned!

Please email: for all inquiries.


Give me #BlackExcellence but make it #YLP

I can’t help but to SHOUT OUT the #YLP kings & queens and their incredible stories (below).

There were so many noteworthy #blackexcellence posts being shared all over my social media timelines/dashboards/feeds/etc. this week!!

Thank you all!!!

From the people who post/repost, to the people being shouted out- who are out here putting in the work, paving the way and grinding! You fuel this blog:.

(*for the past 30 years 🤔)

I found all of these to be so inspirational and motivating and at the end of the day that’s why this blog YOUNG LOUD PROUD even exists, so again, thank you all.

If you have a personal story or someone you want to SHOUT OUT for being #YLP don’t be afraid to email me:

I look forward to hearing from you. 💪🏾❤️🙌🏾💕✨

An Ode to the “Good Girl” a book a poems that defies its title

An Ode to the “Good Girl”: A girl is many things, one thing she is not, and never can be, is easily defined.

“Good girls” have it tough. Not only to live up to society’s high expectations but to carry the weight of being “good.” What is a “good girl” anyway? That label doesn’t allow room to be wrong or selfish, disappointed or unsure, sexual or sexy, mischievous, too loud or too quiet; there’s no fair chance in growing into that woman she needs to be.

Whether she’s referred to as Maya, Mystik, or Cypher, this “good girl” is on her journey to finding self. Looking for the meaning of love and learning not to put the burden of loving her on anyone else. She’s making mistakes and learning from them. She’s been betrayed and has betrayed, love and loss, but instead of dwelling, she’s learning lessons and moving forward.

An Ode to the “Good Girl” is a collection of stories dedicated to all of the risks I’ve ever taken, the second chances I never got, and to all of the things, I thought I couldn’t say out loud. These words are for all of the girls who cry a lot and laugh out loud (especially at the worst time). For the “good girls” & the ones caught up too.

An Ode to the “Good Girls” is now available for pre order (as a Kindle e-book. Expected release 6/1/18), if you purchase the e-book you’ll get a paperback copy for a whopping 99cents. If you’re so eager and can’t wait until June the paper back version is live now for $15. Click these links for either Paperback & Kindle (e-book).

Thanks for your support.

Available in paperback & Kindle (e-book)

New Year, Still “On a MOVE”

Remembering the Freedom Fighters of MOVE

    The true revolutionaries of MOVE who loved life and fought hard for justice &freedom were bombed and murdered right here in the city of Philadelphia in 1985. Innocent men, women, and children lost their lives as an entire neighborhood burned to the ground in West Philly .

“UNITY is the key to revolution and that ain’t nothing to be afraid of.” -Ramona Africa

In this video Ramona Africa explains that the “revolutionary” doesn’t have to be violent or bloody but there’s an obligation for speaking up and speaking out. Ramona implores all people to not be fooled by color. After all, it was a black Mayor who decided to call for the dropping of the bomb. So it’s deeper than that.

MOVE was known for being extremely vocal and speaking out against the Federal government on the mistreatment and oppression of African Americans. They called for support from all Black people. “You’re gonna be victimized rather you stand up and fight or not…” -Ramona Africa

The activist of the MOVE organization called for all African Americans to “put in the work” for change. We can’t expect change if we don’t work for it. “We have to take the reigns and start dictating what happens.” -Ramona Africa

Below is an exclusive interview with Ramona Africa after the 30th anniversary of the bombing. It is the ONLY AERIAL  POLICE BOMBING ON U.S SOIL and will never be justified.

Has the “system” improved at all in 2017?


http _a.amz.mshcdn.com_wp-content_uploads_2016_01_movebombing-16.jpgCE5BxAHUkAAuSW0.jpgMOVE-bombing-officials-remove-bodies-assess-damage-051385.jpgap8505150394_custom-d65a98669d80d567030f208f824b3e04f5c1c7a4-s900-c85.jpg

Afeni Shakur- More Than Just Tupac’s Mom

Black Panther, Activist, Philanthropist


Mother, Teacher


A Woman Who Overcame



A Phenomenal Woman who taught us lessons in courage, determination, love and strength (at an early age).

Rest in Peace. 1947-2016

Look it up!



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