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#MystikyMaquillage 3/30 “Soiree in the cities girls night out” THANK YOU for an amazing event 💋💄❤️

Check out some highlights from this Girl’s night out Soiree from Saturday 3/30/19(held at 1218 Arch street /Architecture & Design Museum) #Philly

There was so much networking, love & support from Philadelphia!!!


Black & Owning It: A networking event for small business owners & entrepreneurs in Philadelphia (3.16.18) #youngloudproud

This past weekend I had an opportunity to attend & be a vendor at the “Black & Owning It” event in Philly (my hometown) and it was amazing!!

Allyse Pierce, a friend from elementary school, told me that she was putting together an event where young Black entrepreneurs would get together and showcase their talents.

A lot of vendors from the Tri-State area got together at the Majestic Ballroom (800 W Olney ave) and collectively  put on an awesome event. There was plenty of networking,  great music & food, spoken word, motivational speaking & encouragement…just an all around amazing event!

Check out a few highlights below:

Mystiky Maquillage beauty products & “An Ode to the “Good Girl””




After I was extended this invitation (a few months ago) I was a little nervous/insecure and questioned if I really had anything special to offer.

I considered backing out of the event (thinking that maybe I wouldn’t be too successful) but I am so glad I put my fears aside and went for it!

Sometimes WE are solely responsible for OUR OWN downfalls, missed opportunities and lack of success. I just read a quote from Kimora Lee Simmons: “if you’re shy, get the hell over it, you’re slamming the door in your own face” and this is 100% true!

I’m speaking from experience when I implore you to do everything you’re terrified to do!

If your dreams scare you, you’re on the right track! And like Colin Kaepernick says in the Nike ad says: “don’t ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if they’re crazy enough”!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

I was encouraged and I am so motivated to keep pushing forward.

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Be Young Loud and Proud💋 With Mystiky Maquillage: YLP introduces”Mystiky Maquillage” an all natural/organic lipstick & lip gloss line

About: Mystiky Maquillage

If you’re going to be Young Loud and Proud you’ve got to look good doing it… right?

My #goals are to continue to spread truth, love, hope, and inspiration to young people and to do it in style.

I’m just a young girl from Philadelphia with a vision.

I created my brand young loud and proud and a couple of extensions of YLP include my upcoming podcast “Speak Up” and now I’m officially introducing my lip color line: Mystiky Maquillage.

Mystiky Maquillage (via ETSY) offers all natural/organic lip colors made to order.

GET STICKY & get your fix at a reasonable price.

Be young loud and proud💋 With Mystiky.

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Today was a “good”day

Today was a “good”day

Woke up and first thing I did was thank God
I’m blessed with a new day; finally, I’m not feeling odd.
Is it me or is the sun is shining brighter

Feeling better, so I put on some eyeliner
Couldn’t forget my Fenty lip gloss (even put on some killawatt highlighter)

I woke up 2 hours earlier than usual

I flossed, I tossed my hair up, and it looks real cute, well, peculiar

I actually made my bed and fluffed up my pillows, now my room is familiar

I tamed my edges, I even put a scarf on to tie them down
While I waited and waited for the edge controller to dry, I turned my frown upside down

I remembered the promise I made: “tomorrow will be a better day”
So with that smile I packed up my lunch, even made me a bottle of lemonade

I said a prayer, I did my hair, I smiled, and made up my bed, I packed some food up for myself, and remembered that every bill is paid
I left out the door for work on time, what a difference from yesterday
I gotta go cause I got my boo waiting and if I’m another second late HE’LL be lemonadin
I remembered my headphones but I had to stop at the curb, before getting in the car, I had to address a funny sound I heard
Looking out my peripheral, I saw a shiny material, moving toward me at the speed of light
It was my neighbor’s dog brownie, with a shiny new bow in her hair, running up to meet and greet me with kisses
Now it’s confirmed everything will be alright
I haven’t felt this loved on any day or night
I got a tweet from Trey, but it was really a fake account
That shit should be illegal, got a girl’s heart all racing, damn near ready to pass out
Got in my love’s car, finally, and called up my girls,
I’m acting as if I just read a blimp saying “the world’s all yours”
After work, I told them, I’m dying to do a happy hour
Get a few drinks in me and I’m in trouble but fuck it I’m up for an Amaretto Sour
Last week I fucked around and had one too many double shots
But here we are now, fast forward the clocks
Sitting on the lap of my bae, no tides, no docks,
Just a little big baby I call my bae

Thinking, yeah, “Today is a good day”

He drove me right up to the front door of my job
I got to slob on his knob
Cause just yesterday I hated his guts
I’m making up for my bitchy attitude, I know I drive him nuts
Saw the security, peeking out the window at me
I’m just nervous I know the car has a sorta tint
No flexin, didn’t even look in the nosey nigga’s direction
Not giving out any hints
Went inside and everyone was tuned into BET, catching up on ratchet TV

Nothing really to do ,I guess, not a day full of stress, I’m here on time and looking my best, about an hour later my boss said…

I’m off early

the end of the day

go home and take a rest

Today was a good day

(A poem inspired by Ice Cube–“It was a good day”)

My cup runneth over #TrialandError

Sorrow is leaving me…creeping out of my body little by little day by day until once again I am empty. What will fill me this time? Hopefully the love of God. Hopefully, I can open up only to him and have him fill me up with the good things I deserve. Hopefully, I won’t stray on my own and walk down the valley of the shadow of death alone. Hopefully, he will be with me. I know he’ll be with me. He’ll guide me to you…or maybe he won’t, but he will guide me.

Black Utopia

You’re going to the black utopia? Can I go too?

Where the sky isn’t a typical blue

but a reddish, orangy, golden-sparkly hue.

Everyone there is just like you.

Selfless, patient, loving, intelligent, enlightening too.

Honey pours from the trees and blessings, not death, comes in threes.

You and I are the same, of course, you’d believe,

there aren’t any status symbols symbolizing or separating us because of what we believe.

There’s only one religion and that’s the belief of a longing love.

Everyone would raise their heads and never bow them again to talk to the “one above.”

We’d float down to heaven, then up to our super earth again, and then, wherever our wings would have us travelin…

Maybe we’d stop pass the old mars or visit the first stars and see everything we generalized into being just “space.”

We’ll spin and twirl and twirl and spin, until finally we pick up the pace.

We’d name everything we touch bc it would be ours to do just so, there be enough to go around no need for fighting never anyone going toe to toe.

I heard of this place called the “black uptopia” I heard it’s a place you’ve been to…

I only have one question for you.

If this place the “black utopia” exists, can I go with you?

Speak Up: An Invincible Girl’s Podcast is available on all streaming platforms #SpeakUp #SpeakUpPodcast

“Speak Up: An invincible girl’s Podcast”

On 9.30.18 I’m launching “Speak Up: An invincible girl’s Podcast” An extension of my blog site “Young Loud Proud (YLP)” —a resource tool for inspiration & motivation in the hopes of spreading POSITIVITY while dismembering stereotypes. “Speak Up” will be used as an outlet to continue to shine light on #BlackGirlMagic across the globe, a place to discuss social issues, and also solutions/thoughts on how to make a change. Please visit for more information and make sure you’re following YLP’s Instagram @youngloudproud if you would like to contribute feel free to DM me and/or Email:🖤✨

Open wound

Open wound

Did you hear? There’s an open wound for sale

A pretty pinkish reddish tomb deep of a wound for sale

A freshly picked scab of a wound; red as a rose newly bloomed for sale

Filled with a precious history, located in a place of mystery, glistening ready for a new owner for new tales kind of wound for sale

A pus-sy, cussy, almost crusty, wound with character for rent

I’ll lend it to you and collect every red cent

A constant reminder of a careless mistake, an oops of sorts, a chance to remember that healing is possible kind of mark that will help others similar relate

A sore, battle wound, a permanent marker

Something I couldn’t really give away for free even if the skin was darker

I have this wound that I would like to donate, I can’t seem to find any takers

I’ve even advertised my precious wound in Sunday’s paper

I guess no one is brave enough to take this wound off of my hands, who am I kidding I put it there in the first place

Why purchase a wound from someone who you can’t even trust to run a full course race

Someone who has never learned the lessons from the wounds, only make them bigger, well, cheaper?

I don’t know the answer but when you find it out let me know, then I’ll know you’re a real keeper

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