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#MystikyMaquillage 3/30 “Soiree in the cities girls night out” THANK YOU for an amazing event 💋💄❤️

Check out some highlights from this Girl’s night out Soiree from Saturday 3/30/19(held at 1218 Arch street /Architecture & Design Museum) #Philly

There was so much networking, love & support from Philadelphia!!!


Black & Owning It: A networking event for small business owners & entrepreneurs in Philadelphia (3.16.18) #youngloudproud

This past weekend I had an opportunity to attend & be a vendor at the “Black & Owning It” event in Philly (my hometown) and it was amazing!!

Allyse Pierce, a friend from elementary school, told me that she was putting together an event where young Black entrepreneurs would get together and showcase their talents.

A lot of vendors from the Tri-State area got together at the Majestic Ballroom (800 W Olney ave) and collectively  put on an awesome event. There was plenty of networking,  great music & food, spoken word, motivational speaking & encouragement…just an all around amazing event!

Check out a few highlights below:

Mystiky Maquillage beauty products & “An Ode to the “Good Girl””




After I was extended this invitation (a few months ago) I was a little nervous/insecure and questioned if I really had anything special to offer.

I considered backing out of the event (thinking that maybe I wouldn’t be too successful) but I am so glad I put my fears aside and went for it!

Sometimes WE are solely responsible for OUR OWN downfalls, missed opportunities and lack of success. I just read a quote from Kimora Lee Simmons: “if you’re shy, get the hell over it, you’re slamming the door in your own face” and this is 100% true!

I’m speaking from experience when I implore you to do everything you’re terrified to do!

If your dreams scare you, you’re on the right track! And like Colin Kaepernick says in the Nike ad says: “don’t ask if your dreams are crazy, ask if they’re crazy enough”!!

Thank you so much for the opportunity!!

I was encouraged and I am so motivated to keep pushing forward.

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FedEx Small Business Grant Contest (Young Loud Proud & Mystiky Maquillage)

Elevator Pitch

I mentor young girls by promoting self-expression through craft (creating beauty products; lipstick & lip gloss) and poetry writing.

Tell us about your business. What inspired you to get into it, what you sell/service you offer, what makes your business stand out and how it impacts you, your community or the environment.

Young Loud Proud is a safe space for young people to break stereotypes, promote diversity & inclusion, to promote self-expression and to learn crafts. I was bullied in school for my features and even my name and instead of sharing my emotions with anyone I would write short stories and poetry (mostly addressed to my future self). I was bullied for my physical features (my big lips) but I’ve turned that into motivation for my beauty line: Mystiky Maquillage.

How would you use the FedEx Small Business Grant money to make a significant impact on your business?

I want to expand my business and reach by traveling around the United States and conducting interviews for the”Young Loud Proud” blog (with my campaign “I like me” promoting self-love/care). I want to teach young people to embrace and love themselves through poetry writing and the creation of beauty products from scratch. This prize money will help with travel costs & accommodations, materials for creating beauty products, and reserving small venues for presentations.

Please click here to vote for me:

DIY Lipstick & Lipgloss tutorial from #MystikyMaquillage by Maya Danielle: & How creating my own beauty products and becoming an entrepreneur is more fun than it is work

If you’re going to be Young, Loud, and Proud you’ve got to look good doing it… right?

That’s what I was thinking the moment I decided to officially open an Etsy shop and launch my uniquely, homemade beauty products.

I want to create products that are going to make girls & women smile and enhance their best facial features: lips!

I’ve always wanted to become an entrepreneur and I finally found my niche.

If you’re like me you may find it hard to find a color that you think is suitable for everyday wear or maybe you’re just gaining the confidence to wear bright colors well #PBL has a ton of nude colors to choose from, tinted colors with purple, red & pink undertones!

Think your lips are too small for a particular color or just too BIG? I’m here to tell you there’s no such thing as the wrong color and with Pretty Big Lips each shade is uniquely crafted with you in mind!

Here’s a few shades I’ve created so far:

For updates/a sneak peek into the process of creating my beauty products you can always check out my Instagram page, story & story highlights (@mystik.y / highlights: “YLPlippie”)

I love my lips (I want you to fall in love with yours too)!!

It’s an amazing feeling when you’re able to embrace things about yourself especially if they were once insecurities.

I was teased all throughout my childhood for my “soup coolers” & “Jay-Z lips” now, women are paying BIG bucks to have their lips look like mine. Ha!

Although it took a while for some people to see the beauty in my African features I always knew how poppin my lips were I was just a bit insecure to wear any color on them; I would think about how dramatic each color appeared and be insecure but those days are over!

I love my pretty big lips so why not make an honest living with them!? —> this isn’t supposed to be an inappropriate joke.

(Also not a joke! Email me if you wouldn’t mind if I pop up with #PRETTYBIGLIPS & “An Ode to the “Good Girl”” near you:

Two years ago, I started making my own lipstick and gloss as a craft and fun hobby but the more I practice the more I see the potential in creating a great entrepreneurial opportunity.

Enjoy a short DIY video to show a little of the process:

Some of my favorite items to use to create my lipstick are:

Coconut oil


Castor oil

Vitamin E oil

Mica pigment

Lavender essential oil

I order all of my (cosmetic grade mica/pigment from Etsy!):

I also make a brown sugar lip scrub using:

Brown sugar

Coconut oil


Vitamin E

Please check out my Etsy shop and support Mystiky Maquillage:

Mystiky Maquillage’s shop on Etsy

“Watch your mouth” & enjoy a unique variety of all natural moisturizing lip color. Each handmade with natural, hypoallergenic, cosmetic grade ingredients and at an affordable price. Be young, loud and proud with Mystiky Maquillage 💋”

Some of my favorite colors are:

Good Girl

What’s good

Nothing to lose

Trial & Error

And these names were inspired by my book of poems “An Ode to the “Good Girl”” available for purchase here.

I also have a bundle deal where you are able to get 3-4 or 5-6 samples + a poem book (ranging between $15-20$) click here.

My #goals are to continue to spread truth, love, hope, and inspiration to young people and to do it in style. I’m just a young girl from Philadelphia with a vision. I created my brand young loud and proud a little over a year ago and a couple of extensions of YLP include my blog, upcoming podcast Speak Up, and now introducing Mystiky Maquillage 👄

Suppressed Deity & Young Loud Proud’s presents: Sick, Lit & LOUD

“We have been on a journey from the age of 7, creating our own stories and characters. Being underrepresented as young girls of color, we began designing our own worlds where we were able to exist freely. Presently, we are still creating platforms for disenfranchised groups, proclaiming self-acceptance. Our most recent project, Sick & Lit, is an empowering series that pokes holes in the stereotypes surrounding race, sexuality, and socioeconomic status. Please join the movement by sharing & following the link in our bio to donate to our cause.” —Suppressed Deity, LLC.

“Suppressed Deity, LLC” is an organization based in Philly that produces media content for entertainment and educational purposes.

SuppressedDeity is looking to fund their first project: “Sick & Lit” a project based on the struggles of Millennials. (please follow this link to help support their project

✨✨Check out the trailer and let me know what you think!!!✨✨

Founders, Gabbi (@november_drums) & Mishea (@diva_sass), are special guests on #YoungLoudProud’s #SpeakUpPodcast (Episode 4 titled “Sick, Lit & Loud” with #MayaDanielle @mystik.y) where they’re discussing the series Sick & Lit as well as Race, Hair, Gender, Sexuality SocialMedia, MentalHealth & so much more 🖤✨

・・・THANK YOU for a very exciting collaboration 🙏🏽💕Catch the episodes 1-4 of @YoungLoudProud’s Podcast Speak Up: An Invincible Girl’s Podcast (clickable link in bio)

Make sure you’re following @suppressed_deity (on Twitter& IG) so you don’t miss any of their upcoming projects! Stay Tuned!

Please email: for all inquiries.

Give me #BlackExcellence but make it #YLP

I can’t help but to SHOUT OUT the #YLP kings & queens and their incredible stories (below).

There were so many noteworthy #blackexcellence posts being shared all over my social media timelines/dashboards/feeds/etc. this week!!

Thank you all!!!

From the people who post/repost, to the people being shouted out- who are out here putting in the work, paving the way and grinding! You fuel this blog:.

(*for the past 30 years 🤔)

I found all of these to be so inspirational and motivating and at the end of the day that’s why this blog YOUNG LOUD PROUD even exists, so again, thank you all.

If you have a personal story or someone you want to SHOUT OUT for being #YLP don’t be afraid to email me:

I look forward to hearing from you. 💪🏾❤️🙌🏾💕✨

Wendy Freeman’s journey to self-love #ILIKEME

1. Describe yourself only using three words or expressions.

Creative, Passionate, and Provider

2. What do you like most about yourself? What are your best qualities?

3. Over the past five years, what is the most important thing you’ve learned about yourself? What happened and what made it a significant moment?

(see video responses below)

4. Are you comfortable with being yourself on a consistent basis or do you possess many faces?
I’m very comfortable with being myself. I’m usually really silly and can laugh all day about any and everything. But of course you may have to change faces in reference to professionalism, but I’m just more reserved in a professional or educational setting.

5. How would you survive living in a world if every other woman were just like you? What would that world look like? Would you survive in that world?

I don’t think I would want to survive in a world if every other woman were just like me. How would I be special? My personality and character is what defines me…that’s what sets me apart. I learn a lot from other women because of their differences, gifts, and temperaments. If most women were JUST like me, that would be a lot of emotions bubbling around the community. LOL! I am very passionate, and I can be too empathetic causing me to take on other people’s problems and worries, which usually leaves me to be anxious or emotionally drained. I’ll be crying one minute, and then turn around and be mad at myself for being too emotional, and then end up laughing at myself. Too many me’s may drive the others crazy. LOL!

6. Rename your favorite song, book, or movie using your name and the thing you like most about yourself.

My favorite song at the moment is Cycles by Jonathan McReynolds…so I would have to add my name to it and rename it using a verse and call it, “Wendy’s not going in Cycles”. Why I can relate to this song is because it talks about overcoming unhealthy cycles. How the devil used my patterns to keep me distracted and in unhealthy situations. But because I switched my focus on God, I begin to overcome bad thinking and refrain from making decisions that would hinder me. I love that I was able to come out of a dark place of depression and feeling bad about myself, to praying and becoming confident in who I am and looking to God to feel the voids that I once desired man to fill.

7. What does love mean to you? Has your definition of love changed over time (from being a young girl to a woman) if so, how?   

Love interview Question

8. Do you know how to love? If yes, HOW do you love and WHO do you love?

I don’t want to say that I don’t know how to love, but I’m learning how to love. Love is bigger than just having strong feelings for someone, there is a genuine care and concern that also focuses on things like patience and perseverance. I love my mother, and I love my children. I know that I would not let harm come to them and that I want the best for them…but I can do a better job at loving them. I can only provide them with the love that I am capable of giving. So I pray that my love increases and my understanding of it increased so that they won’t ever have to question my love for them.

9. If I asked the closest person to you if you are capable of loving others what would they say?

They would say yes. I love hard…and sometimes it’s difficult for me to have a filter on who to love because I’m such a passionate person. I go hard for those I care about. My sister and I joke about being amazon’s because we are so tall…but I do view myself as a warrior. And my friends and family are people that I find myself being protective of. I sometimes find myself in situations going that extra mile for those who wouldn’t do the same for me. And although my feelings may get hurt…I can’t change that about myself…I won’t change that about myself.

That’s what makes me Wendy.


Put Your Next Flight On Layaway With “Airfordable”

Ama Marfo, recent Drexel University graduate and frequent international flyer created an affordable way to travel through her start-up company “Airfordable.”


CxABvokUcAA7x7-.jpg large

As a student at Drexel, Marfo could not afford to foot the bill to visit her family home in Ghana during semester breaks:

“I wanted to see my family in Ghana during school breaks, but couldn’t afford the $2,000 ticket,” she recalled. “I stayed in the dorm alone or with other international students who couldn’t go home. Because of this personal frustration, I set out to determine how to make travel more accessible.” -Ama Marfo

Marfo ultimately took her disadvantage and created an opportunity. Airfordable is making traveling around the world more realistic for people with low income.

Here’s how it works:

Airfordable is a web based company allowing travelers to enroll in a (low interest rate) micro loan to help pay for flights and assists in repayment.

With Airfordable travelers are required to submit a snapshot of their travel itinerary, an initial deposit is paid, and payment arrangements are set up to pay off the remainder of the flight through affordable installments (installments that can be made all the way up to the date of the departure).

One of the biggest differences between this micro loan and a personal loan is that this service can be provided without a hard inquiry into your credit. This increases the chances of approval for people with fair to poor credit.

Inspired to help individuals in the same predicament, especially international college students, Marfo has created a successful business helping people fly on a budget.

According to Forbes, since 2015 Airfordable has assisted at least 10,000 travelers to finance their flights and travel on a budget. Future expansion includes micro loans for vacation packages, hotels, etc.


AASL & Shea Moisture Presents: Black Empowerment


The African American Student League & Shea Moisture is teaming up to celebrate black culture, entrepreneurship, and success in an upcoming summit, Black Empowerment.  

A group of local, successful entrepreneurs will unite for a free event to promote black empowerment, inspire future entrepreneurs and to help motivate the community.

“‘Join us for an event to empower the essences of Black excellence and entrepreneurship.
Y’all know,, going to the brother man and not the otha man. Join us for food, fun, Shea
Moisture and a enlightening discussion of Black Empowerment, featuring our panel of
local black, and proud entrepreneurs!'”

Location: LaSalle University (Benard Lounge)                                                                        1825 Lindley Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 25, 2017                                                                                             8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

“You are wearing the makeup and the makeup is not wearing you!” @Vaultcosmetics

*Black owned business alert!!*

“You are wearing the makeup and the makeup is not wearing you!”

@Vaultcosmetics: Meet Jackie Mgido

Jackie Mgido, native to Zimbabwe, created a makeup line “to give a natural look to anyone who dares to indulge in their image, beauty, and inner vault.” Vault Cosmetics


“Every product is hypoallergenic, fragrance free, allergy tested and non-comedegenic. Vault’s philosophy is not only to offer a great product but also to educate the consumer on the benefits of makeup and proper application techniques.” Vault Cosmetics

For more information:Website: Vault Cosmetics




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