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“You don’t have to get a seat at the table you can buy your own table” –IMAN @ the #EssenceCarnival #NYC 4.27.19 – 4.28.19

#YoungLoudProud went to the first ever Essence Beauty Carnival In New York City this past weekend. Check out the highlights for some of my favorite moments:


Thank you Essence. As an entrepreneur and a young black woman who is very new in the beauty game, I am truly inspired after hearing all of the panel discussions and key note speakers.

I mean, I had the opportunity to be in the same room as IMAN (such an iconic legend) and Ciara (one of my absolute faves ever), and to hear all of the GEMS they were dropping; I just can’t express how motivated I am to push #MystikyMaquillage Mystiky Maquillage & Young Loud Proud forward! #youngloudproud


#MystikyMaquillage was featured in a Vlog highlighting the Soirée in the Cities (Girl’s Night Out) Event ❤️❤️ Check it out!


THANK YOU again this is amazing 💕💕💕  I really appreciate this so much IG: @living_for_the_city I love the feature ❤️❤️❤️❤️ #mystikymaquillage by IG: @mystik.y


If you happened to miss the recent @SoireeintheCitiesGirlsNightOut event then you certainly missed a fabulous time. No worries…click the link in the bio to see why you need to be at the next one! 🛍 #livingforthecity #springinthecity

A trip down Graffiti Alley in Toronto Canada

After a very long Megabus ride from Philly (almost 11 hours including two 20 minute layovers) I finally made it to Canada!

Today marks day #1 of my solo adventure and I had a great time exploring downtown Toronto.

You may be asking why the heck I opted for such a long bus trip and the truth is I was just being cheap lol the bus ticket was only $30.

When you purchase Megabus tickets in advance you can travel almost anywhere at a discounted price (compared to flying).

Anyway, ITS COLD! The high today was only 29 degrees and it was pretty windy (not too far off from Philadelphia temperatures right now so I was prepared).

I’m just thankful it wasn’t snowing today and there was barely any evidence of last week’s snowfall so it’s all good.

Although the temperatures are pretty cold I felt nothing but positive vibes from the warm welcome of Toronto today.

I dedicated my morning to exploring on foot and it was pretty simple figuring out my way around downtown.

Although my phone didn’t work a lick and there weren’t any available WiFi networks to connect to, I found the places I had been researching prior, just fine.

The streets were pretty familiar thanks Google maps (especially street view)!

Streets like Augusta & Queen (near Graffiti Alley), Bay Street, University Ave, and some other major landmarks (like Union Station) were so easy to find.

I’m only passing through Toronto and for the short time I had to spend here I needed to visit Graffiti Alley!

I think street art is so beautiful. There is an entire section in Toronto dedicated to this type of art and it’s dubbed “Graffiti Alley.”

Think of the artist and how FREE they are in the moments of creating these pieces.

I enjoyed the art as well as the extremely friendly people I met why exploring.

One thing I’ve learned already from traveling solo is that there really are some kind hearted people out here (the kindness started with my Megabus driver letting me on the bus early to get me out of the cold so shout out to him and the entire South Philly!!!)…

I didn’t get much time to do the traditional touristy things (I managed to get some great pictures of the UN tower though; I couldn’t miss that lol) but nonetheless my day was unforgettable.

Stay tuned for the rest of my solo adventures this week! I’m traveling to London, Portugal, & Paris. Follow me on IG for more @mystik.y & @youngloudproud

More blog posts coming soon!

A girl who’s finally free #ForeverHoldYourPiece

Nina Simone said no fear is freedom.

I’m a girl who’s finally feeling free.

I met a fearless God the night when I stared at the sea and saw the stars align with the moon

The moon shined brighter than I had ever seen and sitting on the top of the moon was me.

A little brown girl was smiling big and bright right back at me.

I asked her about life and death-her preference of life or death.

I don’t want to die I told her. I want to be forever young, young forever, loved forever.

I know God is real when I got an answer.

I flew through the heavens and thought for the very first time I was worth more than I thought I was.

Maybe nothing means everything and life is just practice for something else.

Preparation for everything to come, but what if nothing happens?

But she told me death is only a moment of darkness; then it’s all light.

An excerpt from “An Ode to the ‘Good Girl’” available in paperback or kindle (e-book)

The bootleg version of love #SpeakUp

(I’m trying to be)

I have nothing but my dad’s short temper, without any of my mother’s patience.

I’m a sight to see.

God loves me so much right?

So why is the concept of love so undefined?

Why is your love so absent?

Why is God the only one who loves me unconditionally?

I may have met God, I just wish at this moment I was more familiar so that I wouldn’t be mistaken

Every good thing I’ve ever felt in every moment that I wish I had the desire to take back I won’t or can’t

I’m too weak to

Maybe I’m too strong not to

I’m scared I’ll never find true love because I’ve stolen others’.

I fear that karma will always have me on the outside looking in.

Never the real experience.

The bootlegged version of love.

An excerpt from “An Ode to the ‘Good Girl’” available in paperback or kindle (e-book)

Just in time for Mother’s Day: “Something I need to say” Red Table Talk Exclusive (Willow Smith )

“Something I need to say”


The idea of “Red Table Talk” is so important, especially in a time when we don’t get to see genuine, unscripted, emotion represented (positively) in TV/media by women of color.

I can count on one hand how many shows give us (women of color) a chance to see us (women of color) having mature conversations, or solely dedicated to discussing critical social issues, dealing with emotions/feelings, and finding a solution to help and uplift other women.

People just aren’t empathetic, sympathetic or willing to be vulnerable or show their true colors.

It seems like there’s so much hate in our communities and that is due to many circumstances. I think one is the lack of understanding of who we are and what we can be if we had the love for one another; communicating and taking the time to understand ourselves and love one another.

I look forward to more talks on self-care, love, and life as a journey.
Wheres the love?

Thank you for this show JADA!!

I appreciate that I will be able to see genuine love between women of color, women that look like me.

I always had a good relationship with my mom, but since I lost my grandmother, I always wonder what my life would be if my grandmother still around so this episode touched home for me.

I understand Willow’s emotion in expressing her love and appreciation for her mom.

Mom’s love, support, and overall presence in a girl’s life is so important, and I realize not everyone gets that love from mom…it’s a beautiful thing and something that can be so overwhelming.

With mother’s day around the corner, it got me thinking about mom’s. This show is magic and much needed!

I just love Willow Smith #YoungLoudProud

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