Suppressed Deity & Young Loud Proud’s presents: Sick, Lit & LOUD

"We have been on a journey from the age of 7, creating our own stories and characters. Being underrepresented as young girls of color, we began designing our own worlds where we were able to exist freely. Presently, we are still creating platforms for disenfranchised groups, proclaiming self-acceptance. Our most recent project, Sick & Lit, is an... Continue Reading →

Journalism ❤️ YLP blogging (Thank You)

New blog posts are up on I’m continuing to shine light on #blackexcellence ✨ “I can’t help but to SHOUT OUT the #YLP kings & queens and their incredible stories. There are always so many noteworthy #blackexcellence posts being shared all over my social media timelines/dashboards/feeds/etc. and I feel like the positive needs more... Continue Reading →

AASL & Shea Moisture Presents: Black Empowerment

The African American Student League & Shea Moisture is teaming up to celebrate black culture, entrepreneurship, and success in an upcoming summit, Black Empowerment.   A group of local, successful entrepreneurs will unite for a free event to promote black empowerment, inspire future entrepreneurs and to help motivate the community. "'Join us for an event... Continue Reading →

“You are wearing the makeup and the makeup is not wearing you!” @Vaultcosmetics

*Black owned business alert!!* "You are wearing the makeup and the makeup is not wearing you!" @Vaultcosmetics: Meet Jackie Mgido Jackie Mgido, native to Zimbabwe, created a makeup line "to give a natural look to anyone who dares to indulge in their image, beauty, and inner vault." Vault Cosmetics "Every product is hypoallergenic, fragrance free,... Continue Reading →

Considering Entrepreneurship in 2017: BELLA CHANTELLE:

"Everything happens for a reason. God planned this out exactly how its suppose to be..." - @iambellachantelle Sheena Johnson, fashion designer and young entrepreneur from Philadelphia, shares the details of her journey in creating and branding her very own fashion line "Bella Chantelle." During a brief phone interview with Sheena, I had a chance to... Continue Reading →

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