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I got mascara clumps & my edge controller turned my edges white #chooseYOU

It’s Only Tuesday…

Imagine spending the morning getting ready for work and it’s business as usual: you’re doing your hair, applying some makeup, picking out an outfit (that isn’t that cute but will do because it’s only Tuesday and who are you trying to impress at work anyway), and your mirror is telling you that you’re pretty, chill, and cute.

Minding your own business, you arrive to work and catch a glimpse of yourself, and think maybe you should’ve put more time into your morning routine.

This hating ass work mirror is at it again; reflecting a complete mess.

What you thought, just ain’t it, and now it’s too late.

I’m having one of those mornings.

Honestly shame on me for not giving myself the 100% I deserve. I yell “LOVE YOURSELF!” every chance I get and it’s time to start rising to the occasion.

I don’t know who else needs to hear this but: wake up and get out of bed when the first alarm sounds!

What is it about the comfort of home, the safe space that is a bedroom with a complimenting mirror and the best/worst lighting?

I can’t understand how I missed all of the clumps in my mascara and didn’t see that the edge controller I used turned my edges white.

I’m having an interesting start to my day with this unexpected tragedy; to say the least: I need a do-over.

Let’s switch gears and turn this totally random introduction to a blog post into a quick self-love and self-care piece #youngloudproud style!

How to stay Young Loud & Proud when you don’t feel like it…

It’s all about your mindset.

Confidence comes from this amazing source that is your cerebrum; I’d like to think that confidence works your cerebral cortex and requires all four lobes to go into overdrive which produces that invincible feeling.

In my case, it made me step into my workplace looking crazy but when you’re mindset is balanced with the right amount of feel-good on the inside, you’ll shine either way!

Loving yourself while balancing that inner confidence is key, however, WE need to keep that good ol self-love energy balanced with self-care.


How can we appreciate the good in ourselves without accepting and working on the not so pretty?

Choosing YOU restores an inner balance because no matter what variation of YOU you are in that moment, when you are accepting of that, you benefit from the inside out.

“Patience”  (sensitive topic)

I’m working on being patient; I used to be so impatient with everything.

It’s difficult being an immediate results type of girl. If I didn’t see the light at the end of the tunnel within the first five minutes, I’m would change directions.

The other day I read someone’s tweet (I wish I could remember who so I could give credit) but it went something like: people are so focused on the light at the end of the tunnel and don’t even realize there is no tunnel. Reminds me of the matrix theory “there is no spoon.”

Basically we create these theories & ideologies that really don’t mean anything at the end of the day. All that matters is what leaves an impression. Its how you feel about yourself, how you treat yourself and how well you preserve your mental muscle. #ChooseYOU

It’s almost as if our “problems” and “hard times” aren’t as real as we may think.  We make them real because of our strong mental muscle. Without straying too much from the topic: we are capable of making decisions that will literally reshape and change our future all we have to do is CHOOSE! We are given choice…Life is all about choice. Choose to be confident, to love you and every variation that comes with that, invest more time in yourself, preserve your feelings, monitor and police your thoughts, wake up early and get your shit together!

I know everyone is saying this but I’m not on a trendy wave I’m becoming aware of some much and while I’m making some really important changes in my life, I’m seeing the benefits of putting myself FIRST and it’s really lit.

It all started with changing my mindset and redirecting my energy (not every few minutes like the impatient me). But taking time to really see results.

I went to the Essence Carnival and was surround my some LEGENDS! One lesson I took away is that you have to stay yourself, not rush your success and to not get in the way of your own blessings. Take a chance on yourself and gamble each time, don’t be afraid to fail the first time and if you do don’t be so ashamed to ask for help (network!) people have the answers and resources to help you and you’d be surprised how far teamwork can take you (this is a tough one for me because I feel like I’m a jack of all trades and I’m constantly trying to do it all by myself…

I think it’s time to bring my Podcast back!

I want to continue with these important conversations to hopefully give out some inspiration to you all. Stay tuned and stay #youngloudproud



“You don’t have to get a seat at the table you can buy your own table” –IMAN @ the #EssenceCarnival #NYC 4.27.19 – 4.28.19

#YoungLoudProud went to the first ever Essence Beauty Carnival In New York City this past weekend. Check out the highlights for some of my favorite moments:


Thank you Essence. As an entrepreneur and a young black woman who is very new in the beauty game, I am truly inspired after hearing all of the panel discussions and key note speakers.

I mean, I had the opportunity to be in the same room as IMAN (such an iconic legend) and Ciara (one of my absolute faves ever), and to hear all of the GEMS they were dropping; I just can’t express how motivated I am to push #MystikyMaquillage Mystiky Maquillage & Young Loud Proud forward! #youngloudproud

An Ode to the “Good Girl” a book a poems that defies its title

An Ode to the “Good Girl”: A girl is many things, one thing she is not, and never can be, is easily defined.

“Good girls” have it tough. Not only to live up to society’s high expectations but to carry the weight of being “good.” What is a “good girl” anyway? That label doesn’t allow room to be wrong or selfish, disappointed or unsure, sexual or sexy, mischievous, too loud or too quiet; there’s no fair chance in growing into that woman she needs to be.

Whether she’s referred to as Maya, Mystik, or Cypher, this “good girl” is on her journey to finding self. Looking for the meaning of love and learning not to put the burden of loving her on anyone else. She’s making mistakes and learning from them. She’s been betrayed and has betrayed, love and loss, but instead of dwelling, she’s learning lessons and moving forward.

An Ode to the “Good Girl” is a collection of stories dedicated to all of the risks I’ve ever taken, the second chances I never got, and to all of the things, I thought I couldn’t say out loud. These words are for all of the girls who cry a lot and laugh out loud (especially at the worst time). For the “good girls” & the ones caught up too.

An Ode to the “Good Girls” is now available for pre order (as a Kindle e-book. Expected release 6/1/18), if you purchase the e-book you’ll get a paperback copy for a whopping 99cents. If you’re so eager and can’t wait until June the paper back version is live now for $15. Click these links for either Paperback & Kindle (e-book).

Thanks for your support.

Available in paperback & Kindle (e-book)

How would you survive living in a world if every other person were just like you? #ILIKEME (Question #5)

How would you survive living in a world if every other person were just like you?

(Every Woman, I Am)

If every woman were just like me

They’d be no more talks of birds and bees

Just full blown honesty

They’ll be cures for disease

Everyone would be at ease

Seeing as Maya would come in threes, and fours and fives

Every woman would have my eyes, and my thighs

Every morning would be a surprise

No one would have to cut ties when they realize, their woman isn’t right for them

Because as soon as they lose one, another Maya would be right around the corner for them

No more “plenty of fish in the sea”

Nope, just me

A gentle loving soul, smart as can be

If I ruled the world like Nas thought he’d

I’d definitely survive, well, we’d

If only Maya’s were around to see…

What do you like most about yourself? What are your best qualities? #ILIKEME (Question #2)

What do you like most about yourself? What are your best qualities?

In 1997, I was gifted “I Like Me” a children’s book published by Essence.

As a six-year-old girl, I read this book and saw myself. This is a perfect example of how much representation matters.

All throughout “I Like Me” the main character, “Nia Natasha” displays all of the positive things that make her “Nia Natasha.” She ”likes” herself and along with the encouragement of her family she’s destined to do great things when she grows up.

This was one of my first introductions to self-awareness with lessons on self-love. I received so many books but this one managed to stay in my possession for almost 20 years.

That six-year-old girl is long gone but this book is still here.

With all of the changes in my life, getting older and maturing (most importantly) I forgot one of the first lessons I’ve learned but then I found this book again and it sparked something in me.

Instead of tossing the book away I decided to update it and I made it better. I took five magazines and clipped them to pieces, vision board style, and made a current “I Like Me” book to reflect Maya instead of Nia.

I like me.

I like the way I create:

I made the book over to express myself. One of my best qualities is my creativity. I love that I am creative and my ideas come to life through my art, creative writing, and ultimately this blog Young Loud Proud; trying to uplift my people and dismember negative stereotypes.

I made a vision board, I’m writing a book, I used my vision board as the cover art for my book.

Instead of sitting around, I want to do. I like my motivation, Although it seems like its taking forever, I am branding myself and becoming a writer; the truly creative person I am.

I like that I’m a dreamer and I always have hope/faith. I like my personality, I’m very kind and smart, but I am not a doormat, I can be “mean” whatever that means. I like that I am able to mingle with different crowds but not lose myself in trying to be someone else or trying too hard to fit in.

I like that I am creating my own lane. I never settle for social norms “we’ve always done it this way so this is how it’s going to be” I don’t settle.

I know my worth. I don’t waste my time on people who don’t deserve it (anymore). I see growth and positive progression every year of my life.

I like the relationship I have with my mom, my best friend. I like that I can grasp the concept of love although I haven’t felt it too often.

I like that I believe that “not every man is the same” and I believe in black boy joy and black girl magic. I like the fact that I recognize “we ain’t black tho” and I’m open-minded and open to learning from others.

I like my determination, I am a go-getter, and have always been. I like the mystic nature of myself.

I like me.

(warning: below is a mood)

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