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#MystikyMaquillage 3/30 “Soiree in the cities girls night out” THANK YOU for an amazing event 💋💄❤️

Check out some highlights from this Girl’s night out Soiree from Saturday 3/30/19(held at 1218 Arch street /Architecture & Design Museum) #Philly

There was so much networking, love & support from Philadelphia!!!


Be Young Loud and Proud💋 With Mystiky Maquillage: YLP introduces”Mystiky Maquillage” an all natural/organic lipstick & lip gloss line

About: Mystiky Maquillage

If you’re going to be Young Loud and Proud you’ve got to look good doing it… right?

My #goals are to continue to spread truth, love, hope, and inspiration to young people and to do it in style.

I’m just a young girl from Philadelphia with a vision.

I created my brand young loud and proud and a couple of extensions of YLP include my upcoming podcast “Speak Up” and now I’m officially introducing my lip color line: Mystiky Maquillage.

Mystiky Maquillage (via ETSY) offers all natural/organic lip colors made to order.

GET STICKY & get your fix at a reasonable price.

Be young loud and proud💋 With Mystiky.

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“Good Girl” Part II. #AnOdetoGG

“Good Girl”:

My sister, fighting through the same struggle, and future auntie of my culture. One who I recognize and respect as extended family, same tribe but styled in a different printed pattern. Princess out of training, queen in the making. A rebellious gift of nature when the sun goes down, born into a cruel world, recognized because of your bright light. Gifted; a keeper of mystery and purity. A beautiful tattoo, developed on it, is scar tissue; but is still beautiful. Worn with pride, but so sad inside. Existing in a world, sharing the load, and feeling the pressure of society’s high expectations. Feeling the pain of being forgotten. Me, in different opened toed wedges.


An excerpt from “An Ode to the ‘Good Girl’” available in paperback or kindle (e-book)

“Good Girl” #SpeakUp

(An ode to good girls)

You think you’re a good girl

Good girl, who do you think you are?

You walk around smiling, always happy, you won’t get too far

See this is the “real world” niggas will eat you alive

You can’t stand tall before shrinking down to my size

You think you’re a good girl

Goodie two shoes, kinda girl

Conceited think you’re worth something kinda girl

Who told you to smile, wear your hair all wild?

Who said you could go to church on Sundays to praise your God

Good girl, you think you are

But I know the real you

Sneaky girl, you won’t get far

I know all about girls like you

I’ll play you real close

I’ll tell you I love you while I hate you

I know how to hurt you most

You act like a good girl

Good girl, you think you are

But if it’s up to me, I’ll make sure you’ll never fill the void in your heart

You’ll never learn to love yourself truly

You’ll never see those better days

I’m your negative thoughts, self-doubt, that inner hate.

If you’re not careful, I’ll be here to stay,


An excerpt from “An Ode to the ‘Good Girl’” available in paperback or kindle (e-book)

What do you like most about yourself? What are your best qualities? #ILIKEME (Question #2)

What do you like most about yourself? What are your best qualities?

In 1997, I was gifted “I Like Me” a children’s book published by Essence.

As a six-year-old girl, I read this book and saw myself. This is a perfect example of how much representation matters.

All throughout “I Like Me” the main character, “Nia Natasha” displays all of the positive things that make her “Nia Natasha.” She ”likes” herself and along with the encouragement of her family she’s destined to do great things when she grows up.

This was one of my first introductions to self-awareness with lessons on self-love. I received so many books but this one managed to stay in my possession for almost 20 years.

That six-year-old girl is long gone but this book is still here.

With all of the changes in my life, getting older and maturing (most importantly) I forgot one of the first lessons I’ve learned but then I found this book again and it sparked something in me.

Instead of tossing the book away I decided to update it and I made it better. I took five magazines and clipped them to pieces, vision board style, and made a current “I Like Me” book to reflect Maya instead of Nia.

I like me.

I like the way I create:

I made the book over to express myself. One of my best qualities is my creativity. I love that I am creative and my ideas come to life through my art, creative writing, and ultimately this blog Young Loud Proud; trying to uplift my people and dismember negative stereotypes.

I made a vision board, I’m writing a book, I used my vision board as the cover art for my book.

Instead of sitting around, I want to do. I like my motivation, Although it seems like its taking forever, I am branding myself and becoming a writer; the truly creative person I am.

I like that I’m a dreamer and I always have hope/faith. I like my personality, I’m very kind and smart, but I am not a doormat, I can be “mean” whatever that means. I like that I am able to mingle with different crowds but not lose myself in trying to be someone else or trying too hard to fit in.

I like that I am creating my own lane. I never settle for social norms “we’ve always done it this way so this is how it’s going to be” I don’t settle.

I know my worth. I don’t waste my time on people who don’t deserve it (anymore). I see growth and positive progression every year of my life.

I like the relationship I have with my mom, my best friend. I like that I can grasp the concept of love although I haven’t felt it too often.

I like that I believe that “not every man is the same” and I believe in black boy joy and black girl magic. I like the fact that I recognize “we ain’t black tho” and I’m open-minded and open to learning from others.

I like my determination, I am a go-getter, and have always been. I like the mystic nature of myself.

I like me.

(warning: below is a mood)

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