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“You don’t have to get a seat at the table you can buy your own table” –IMAN @ the #EssenceCarnival #NYC 4.27.19 – 4.28.19

#YoungLoudProud went to the first ever Essence Beauty Carnival In New York City this past weekend. Check out the highlights for some of my favorite moments:


Thank you Essence. As an entrepreneur and a young black woman who is very new in the beauty game, I am truly inspired after hearing all of the panel discussions and key note speakers.

I mean, I had the opportunity to be in the same room as IMAN (such an iconic legend) and Ciara (one of my absolute faves ever), and to hear all of the GEMS they were dropping; I just can’t express how motivated I am to push #MystikyMaquillage Mystiky Maquillage & Young Loud Proud forward! #youngloudproud


An Ode to the “Good Girl” a book a poems that defies its title

An Ode to the “Good Girl”: A girl is many things, one thing she is not, and never can be, is easily defined.

“Good girls” have it tough. Not only to live up to society’s high expectations but to carry the weight of being “good.” What is a “good girl” anyway? That label doesn’t allow room to be wrong or selfish, disappointed or unsure, sexual or sexy, mischievous, too loud or too quiet; there’s no fair chance in growing into that woman she needs to be.

Whether she’s referred to as Maya, Mystik, or Cypher, this “good girl” is on her journey to finding self. Looking for the meaning of love and learning not to put the burden of loving her on anyone else. She’s making mistakes and learning from them. She’s been betrayed and has betrayed, love and loss, but instead of dwelling, she’s learning lessons and moving forward.

An Ode to the “Good Girl” is a collection of stories dedicated to all of the risks I’ve ever taken, the second chances I never got, and to all of the things, I thought I couldn’t say out loud. These words are for all of the girls who cry a lot and laugh out loud (especially at the worst time). For the “good girls” & the ones caught up too.

An Ode to the “Good Girls” is now available for pre order (as a Kindle e-book. Expected release 6/1/18), if you purchase the e-book you’ll get a paperback copy for a whopping 99cents. If you’re so eager and can’t wait until June the paper back version is live now for $15. Click these links for either Paperback & Kindle (e-book).

Thanks for your support.

Available in paperback & Kindle (e-book)

AASL & Shea Moisture Presents: Black Empowerment


The African American Student League & Shea Moisture is teaming up to celebrate black culture, entrepreneurship, and success in an upcoming summit, Black Empowerment.  

A group of local, successful entrepreneurs will unite for a free event to promote black empowerment, inspire future entrepreneurs and to help motivate the community.

“‘Join us for an event to empower the essences of Black excellence and entrepreneurship.
Y’all know,, going to the brother man and not the otha man. Join us for food, fun, Shea
Moisture and a enlightening discussion of Black Empowerment, featuring our panel of
local black, and proud entrepreneurs!'”

Location: LaSalle University (Benard Lounge)                                                                        1825 Lindley Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19141

Date and Time: Tuesday, April 25, 2017                                                                                             8:00 PM – 10:00 PM

Introducing the Onyx Box: “the GLO-UP in a box”

Sign up today and get $10 off your first subscription with code: 40FOR48

Similar to IPSY, the Onyx Box is a personalized makeup and beauty sample subscription.

The Onyx Box subscription offers women of color a chance to celebrate their beauty each month with exclusive new samples.

If you choose to subscribe here’s what you can expect at your doorstep each month: 5 “brown girl friendly” skin, makeup, hair, and beauty products.


(sample example)

Most of the brands that will be included are listed below:


Carmella Marie

Coco Amo

Coco Curls

curLUXE Naturals

Dollbaby Beauty

Eden Bodyworks

Entwine Naturalle Couture

Eternally In Amber

Karen’s Body Beautiful

Kinky Curly

Lawrence Ray Concepts


True Moringa


The masterminds who created the concept behind the Onyx Box truly considered the beauty needs (hair, makeup, skin & nails) of women of color.

“It’s al little bit of black girl magic in each box each month.”

The Onyx Box may be your preferred subscription if you’re tired of running into items that are pretty much useless; like that bottle of hair texturizer or makeup that made you look ashy.

We don’t need any of that.



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