Enjoy this short story: “Good Girl” (an unedited draft of ‘”An Ode to the “Good Girl”‘ in it’s original, non-poetic form)

It's been a few months since I've published "An Ode to the "Good Girl" a very personal book of poems (Click Here to check it out!). Please inquire and support if you haven't already, it's an exceptional piece of art as it's the first book I've dared to release (https://www.amazon.com/dp/1981013830) If you've been following Young... Continue Reading →

Journalism ❤️ YLP blogging (Thank You)

New blog posts are up on #youngloudproud.com I’m continuing to shine light on #blackexcellence ✨ “I can’t help but to SHOUT OUT the #YLP kings & queens and their incredible stories. There are always so many noteworthy #blackexcellence posts being shared all over my social media timelines/dashboards/feeds/etc. and I feel like the positive needs more... Continue Reading →

“Good Girl” #SpeakUp

(An ode to good girls) You think you’re a good girl Good girl, who do you think you are? You walk around smiling, always happy, you won’t get too far See this is the “real world” niggas will eat you alive You can’t stand tall before shrinking down to my size You think you’re a... Continue Reading →

Call for submissions!!! #YoungLoudProud

If you're feeling Young Loud Proud please let me know! This call is for any poems, short stories, shout outs, pictures or any other media associated with the following concepts: Everything is Love, "I Like Me" (celebrating self love/ self care), "An Ode to: (insert a label/stereotype you'd like to see broken)," Entrepreneurship: celebrating young... Continue Reading →

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