Mike X Angel (we can’t get enough of him) he’s so #youngloudproud

MikeXAngel, our fav new talent from VA is back with some new hits: Check out the video for his new new single "Secrets" (via YouTube) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3M646FmOkmA&feature=youtu.be Remember the Anticipation 3 tour? You might remember MikeXAngel from touring with our other fave (the legend that is Trey Songz *drizzy voice*) Here's a poppin #TBT for ya:

Who is #MikexAngel? (Updated!!)

https://soundcloud.com/mikexangel/mikexangel-my-oh-my-prod-by-sean-momberger-lee-major Some of the best musical talents come from Virginia. Just like Trey Songz & Chris Brown, Mike Angel is littttt!!! Mike Angel's name explains it all just listen to the vocals. https://soundcloud.com/mikexangel/mikexangel-no-ones-loving Virginia's very own is the hot new voice in the spotlight: https://soundcloud.com/mikexangel/mikexangel-my-oh-my-prod-by-sean-momberger-lee-major Paired with my fave (TREY) the two have created something... Continue Reading →

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