5115 Wissahickon Ave.

Times like this my mom would say the devil is busy.. I think he has too much time on his hands He’s taking a break while I’m filling my head with silly things that aren’t true In the back of my mind and in the front of my mind is […]

She’s not no one

Who can love you like me? Who drinks lukewarm coffee? Want to live the Black American dream and see if the grass is as green as they make it seem? Tell me who gon love you like me and take the stars from the sky and constellate your dark valley […]


Opal taste like sea salt Bitter yet satisfying Opal is nostalgic it would remind you of springtime The first day you can wear your toes out Free Ritas Opal is a short wait in the nail salon And the hair salon The feeling of loving the skin you’re in If […]

“The Good Ol Days”

Tag! Cross your heart, hope to die but Simon didn’t say stick a needle in my eye Spit spit spit you’re not it Red light, freeze Green light, go Now stop, hammer time. Down by the river, we played numbers, 1,2,3,4, shame shame shame, my momma and your momma were […]

Blue Cherry

Blue Cherry Bella blossom bothered a bunch of busy bees A bunch of busy bees, Bella blossom did see If Bella blossom really bothered a bunch of busy bees How many of those busy bees did Bella blossom really see? Bella blossom found a blue cherry tree, A blue cheery […]

Queen of Spies

A poem inspired by: “I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly” & “Harriet the Spy” RIP to the queen of spies (the one who told the truest lies) Most beautiful when she didn’t have her cigarette, Maya, was the kindest person I ever met! The Queen who spied […]


Un-Cuffed I heard it was cuffing season so is there a reason why im still outchea single? I joined tinder plenty of fish and made a poppin account on Christian mingle. I’ve prayed to God read the Quran pledge to be a ride or die on any man’s arm. I’ve […]