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Suppressed Deity & Young Loud Proud’s presents: Sick, Lit & LOUD

“We have been on a journey from the age of 7, creating our own stories and characters. Being underrepresented as young girls of color, we began designing our own worlds where we were able to exist freely. Presently, we are still creating platforms for disenfranchised groups, proclaiming self-acceptance. Our most recent project, Sick & Lit, is an empowering series that pokes holes in the stereotypes surrounding race, sexuality, and socioeconomic status. Please join the movement by sharing & following the link in our bio to donate to our cause.” —Suppressed Deity, LLC.

“Suppressed Deity, LLC” is an organization based in Philly that produces media content for entertainment and educational purposes.

SuppressedDeity is looking to fund their first project: “Sick & Lit” a project based on the struggles of Millennials. (please follow this link to help support their project

✨✨Check out the trailer and let me know what you think!!!✨✨

Founders, Gabbi (@november_drums) & Mishea (@diva_sass), are special guests on #YoungLoudProud’s #SpeakUpPodcast (Episode 4 titled “Sick, Lit & Loud” with #MayaDanielle @mystik.y) where they’re discussing the series Sick & Lit as well as Race, Hair, Gender, Sexuality SocialMedia, MentalHealth & so much more 🖤✨

・・・THANK YOU for a very exciting collaboration 🙏🏽💕Catch the episodes 1-4 of @YoungLoudProud’s Podcast Speak Up: An Invincible Girl’s Podcast (clickable link in bio)

Make sure you’re following @suppressed_deity (on Twitter& IG) so you don’t miss any of their upcoming projects! Stay Tuned!

Please email: for all inquiries.


One More Like #SelfishandMean

(One more like)

I look at you and see myself

A distorted reflection in a distant mirror

Bad luck is upon you as you reap the repercussions of refusing to see clearer

A mishandler of fragile feelings

Demanding and never delicate

A filter abuser, a constant accuser, less patient version

Virgin-born again into celibacy

Do I love you?

Do you really care?

Let’s see what Facebook has to say.

After all, what’s really important is put into hash tags these days

I’ll tell them indirectly, post up a pic, and wait

Do you guys like me?

(Maybe I care just a little bit)

Lie to me, as you do and i’ll stare right past you, right past myself and directly into the sunlight

And at this moment I can’t see a thing, and everything finally feels alright

An excerpt from “An Ode to the ‘Good Girl’” available in paperback or kindle (e-book)

Give me #BlackExcellence but make it #YLP

I can’t help but to SHOUT OUT the #YLP kings & queens and their incredible stories (below).

There were so many noteworthy #blackexcellence posts being shared all over my social media timelines/dashboards/feeds/etc. this week!!

Thank you all!!!

From the people who post/repost, to the people being shouted out- who are out here putting in the work, paving the way and grinding! You fuel this blog:.

(*for the past 30 years 🤔)

I found all of these to be so inspirational and motivating and at the end of the day that’s why this blog YOUNG LOUD PROUD even exists, so again, thank you all.

If you have a personal story or someone you want to SHOUT OUT for being #YLP don’t be afraid to email me:

I look forward to hearing from you. 💪🏾❤️🙌🏾💕✨

“Good Girl” #SpeakUp

(An ode to good girls)

You think you’re a good girl

Good girl, who do you think you are?

You walk around smiling, always happy, you won’t get too far

See this is the “real world” niggas will eat you alive

You can’t stand tall before shrinking down to my size

You think you’re a good girl

Goodie two shoes, kinda girl

Conceited think you’re worth something kinda girl

Who told you to smile, wear your hair all wild?

Who said you could go to church on Sundays to praise your God

Good girl, you think you are

But I know the real you

Sneaky girl, you won’t get far

I know all about girls like you

I’ll play you real close

I’ll tell you I love you while I hate you

I know how to hurt you most

You act like a good girl

Good girl, you think you are

But if it’s up to me, I’ll make sure you’ll never fill the void in your heart

You’ll never learn to love yourself truly

You’ll never see those better days

I’m your negative thoughts, self-doubt, that inner hate.

If you’re not careful, I’ll be here to stay,


An excerpt from “An Ode to the ‘Good Girl’” available in paperback or kindle (e-book)

Put some emojis on my name: why it’s hard to date as a millennial #YLPtalk

First of all, let me say social media is very entertaining but the consumption of social media and the desperate need for attention from SOME people ruins relationships.

Guy: “Why are you single?”

Me: (shorthand version) “idk.”

The real reason is that it’s hard for me to trust.

The last guy I was really interested in hand Twitter fingers, he always double taps Instagram pictures of big booty girls, and I automatically caught an attitude any time I saw him put heart eye emojis under any girls pictures.

To some people that may not be a big deal but to me it was enough to cut him off.

Maybe one day I’ll be honest and admit I’m a bit insecure.

I’ve been single for a while, and the common denominator is myself.

Yes, I’m aware but just let me say dating as a millennial is just too stressful.

I’ve been conditioned in many ways; the things that really weren’t important, say ten years ago, are very important now. Who are you texting? Why don’t you have any emojis next to my contact in your phone?? You may be thinking that this is very immature of me, but very typical and realistic statements that can lead to devastating arguments/breakups.

Now that I’ve come to terms with the fact that I have work to do on myself (hence launching the #ILIKEME campaign for self awareness/self love) I am taking a step back, not making dating a priority, and I am committed to learning more about myself so I can learn how to be in a relationship with someone else.

I’m learning how to successfully date as a millennial.

I am deciding not to get mad, defensive or keep blaming others but to find out why I react to certain things the way I do.

I don’t know exactly what I want in a relationship I just know I don’t want anything that I’ve had already.

What do you think? Pick a topic below & email me!

What are we? friends or nah
Put some emojis on my name

Everything Proper, No Propaganda


1. The spreading of ideas, information, or rumor for the purpose of helping or injuring an institution, a cause, or a person.

2. Ideas, facts, or allegations spread deliberately to further one’s cause or to damage an opposing cause.

3. Used to cause a public action, for such an effect.


1. A particular tendency, trend, inclination, feeling, or opinion, especially one that is preconceived or un-reasoned (illegal bias against older job applicants)

2. Unreasonably hostile feelings or opinions about a social group.

3. Prejudice.


1. The action of calling something to the attention of the public especially by paid announcements.

2. Speech, writing, pictures, or films meant to persuade people to buy something.

3. The business of preparing advertisements.

Pay attention people!!!!

Stay #youngloudproud

Unethical Behavior in social media (against minorities) and how it’s really affecting us #YLPtalk

A brief rant on a controversial issue: Unethical Behavior throughout social media against minorities and how it’s really affecting us.

Compared to the past, our society does not have to create our imagery or rely heavily on professionals to deliver information; this has negatively affected trust. We are in a society of go-getters for information.

The use of social media has become very popular as the delivery of information is quick and available through various technological devices.

In turn, the immediate aspect of receiving information has created an impatient society. The live broadcasting of the news, via video, has taken away censorship which has affected human empathy among viewers.

“Most young people are using online technologies as a way to connect with their real-world friends, with a small portion-17% of 12 to 17-year-olds using online social networking to build networks of new friends. (p.17)” Society has advanced in technology since the introduction of the printing press, making digital technology a primary means for communicating especially among youth.

There is a permanent nature that has come with digital technology never seen before. “Once information is online, it is not easy to eradicate it. Even if you eliminate the information from your profile, saved or cache versions may still exist on other computers. (p.39)” Everything that is put onto the internet or in the digital world lasts forever, in some form.

This is a complete distinction between the initial idea of media to the present. Even with the advancements of the telephone to the cell phone. The first invention of the phone did not include storage features. The telephone has advanced into a technological device capable of storage, phone calls, applications, access to the Internet, pictures, video, emails, in some cases word documents. “To remove data from your phone, you need to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and remove your SIM card as well as any inserted memory card in your phone. “(p.43) There is a complete process for removing any information.

The development of digital technology has opened the door and created new job opportunities. In return, many print media companies have seen downfalls in profit. Major corporations have tried to transition and adapted to digital technology. The majority has created platforms, corresponding applications, and secondary sources/outlets for the public. The developments in digital technology increased the engagement in news stories. Often news outlets will provide direct links for live updates via social media.

The Internet is the main source of receiving information, and the capability of accessing explicit content in the news is a new concept which is not easily adaptable to without effects.

How many times can I watch people being shot and killed before entering a state of depression????

Unethical behavior and the unjust treatment of minorities is a controversy continuously in the media. Back in 2016, (right around the time I launched YLP) an African-American woman entered into a Kentucky courtroom after being denied feminine hygiene products and pants for three days. According to the Guardian, it was unclear whether the woman was fully dressed at the time of her arrest or remained in the same condition.

This was one of the first cases I really weighed in on social media and gave my two cents graciously. I remember being so disappointed in the different comments/views relating to this story. Unfortunately, I got into so many arguments with the Internet trolls, but I learned my lesson; I’ll keep my opinions and save my energy for this blog, YLP.

Honestly, I could fill my entire blog with different cases of injustice against people who look just like me (I’ll actually go more in-depth about the most current cases in another post).

Social media has morphed into a medium in which uncensored content is uploaded, exposing the injustices of many people, in this case, a woman of African decent The content that is caught and exposed to the public is a form of propaganda; social media is not a credible news source however, MOST people consume so much of it, making it hard to argue that point.

The use of social media ranges from professional to personal use, and the content is timeless. The use of social media has advanced from popularity to commonality. It has become contact information for personal and business professionals. Even some professional business cards feature Twitter or Instagram usernames and links.

We live in an opinionated generation by far. Sometimes it can be bothersome to see the frustration and the aftermath of so many hurt people in society. With all of the technology, video, audio, and footage there are emotional effects and reactions for some people, and there is still the denial of injustice with people; masking or making excuses for the unethical behavior. Social media is also breeding ground for other attacks such as cyber bullying which has also had a huge impact on young people.

People believe that the issue is with social media itself and some people believe racism and injustice will simply disappear if social media shut down today or tomorrow.

Think I’m lying? Refer to: criminal law in North Carolina banning video recording of law enforcement for more info. This idea caters to the idea that the issue is the content and not the activity, acts of violence, excessive force, discrimination, and flat out racism against minorities.

Media. (2016). In S. Bronner (Ed.), Encyclopedia of American studies. MD: Johns Hopkins University Press. Retrieved from


What exactly is this “Mass Media” we’re consuming? Is it toxic or what?

What is Mass Media? Is it contagious? How much media should you consume on a daily basis? Should you care?

I’m glad you asked!

Mass media can be defined as “technology that is intended to reach a mass audience. It is the primary means of communication used to reach the vast majority of the general public.” (Coleman, 2016) Mass media is the source(s) that commonly provide news and information, heavily relied on by the public at large.

Mass media quickly adapted to the use of technological innovations to communicate information and to provide instant access to information, allow commentary, and to provide live news broadcasting. These uses have created convenience but have also negatively affected society. The immediate aspect of receiving information has created an impatient society. The live broadcasting of the news, via video, has taken away censorship which has affected human empathy among viewers.

Common forms of media include print, electronic, and digital. There has been a complete transition from the way news has been communicated and shared in the past and how it is shared now. The most common/traditional type of media is in the form of print; including newspapers, magazines, books. Now there are electronic media via television, and digital media via technological devices such as computers, tablets, and smartphones. Compared to the past, our society does not have to create our imagery or rely heavily on a professional to deliver information; this has negatively affected trust. We are in a society of go-getters for information. I think the older generation is most comfortable with traditional forms of media and probably have a harder time transitioning from print to technology primarily, to access their news. This is a comparison to the younger generation who usually is hard to tear away from their cell phones.

New developments, including the Internet and technological devices, have created competition for print industries. People migrate toward what is modern and technology appeals to today’s society. Newspapers and magazines are most affected by online sources of information. As a result, many media companies are losing money and seeing a decline in sales and production. With everything almost at the click at a mouse or readily available through applications via smartphone use, print materials are slowly phasing out. Some print industries, specifically magazine companies, are incorporating new technology and gone beyond tradition. Most magazines have created social media platforms and launched websites to provide corresponding information found in their print materials. For example, Essence magazine has a website which users can access to follow up on stories, further research, subscribe to future articles, and receive incentives. There are also applications (apps) available for download.

The Internet, smartphones, computers, and instant gratification are some of the biggest advancements in technology. The advancements in technology have allowed people to access information easily, news, and socialize in a variety of forms. The biggest advancement is the Internet by way of smartphones, computers, tablets, applications and other technological devices. The idea of instant messaging and providing information with the click of a button also stemmed from the various advancements in technology. The Internet has been the biggest breakthrough in media as information is made available to everyone most conveniently. Computers and the Internet are presently the common means for accessing media in today’s society. Society has seen advancements in other sources of media compared to their first introduction including televisions radios.

Electronic and digital media is made available to the masses for the masses via technology. Digital technology has been an advancing format. It began as a primary storage system to having the capacity of spreading information to the masses via the Internet.

Some media is negatively influencing society as Unethical Behavior in entertainment remains popular. Common media displays, desensitizing the public, has caused an increased intolerance for unethical behavior. There is history with unethical behavior in entertainment inclusive of video games, movies, and sports. Constant viewing of these acts has the potential of desensitizing individuals, creating a tolerance for similar real-life incidents in media.

Modern video games encourage violence which strengthens the relationship between media influence and unethical behavior. Grand Theft Auto 5 (Brutal Kill) is a modern video game for PlayStation and Xbox consoles. The game advertisement depicts a series of violence. The intensity ranges from robbing stores to stealing cars, and the brutal assault on women. There are graphic sexualized displays of violence toward women including arrest, capture, and excessive force. It was disturbing to see how this game would be played across the nation as entertainment. These images are familiar in today’s media. As people have been accustomed to violent and unethical behavior in entertainment, there is a tolerance for publicly displaying uncensored, violent content via social media. As people have been accustomed to violent and unethical behavior in entertainment, there is a tolerance for publicly displaying uncensored, violent content via social media.

Although the unethical behavior is not new, it is being thrown into the spotlight. As unethical behavior is becoming noticeable different laws and restriction have been set in place to limit the propaganda; preventing social media view. For example, North Carolina’s governor banned police body camera footage from the public view. The idea of restricting the exposure to the public does not fix the controversial issue but suppresses it.

Technology has the potential to exploiting controversy through viral media. Unethical behavior, in a variety of forms, is occurring at a rapid speed throughout the nation. With the help of technology and social media, the public can view many of these occurrences in the news. Viral media is popular and has become a standard resource for news. Technological savvy people are exposed to this media as it is a quick way of spreading information. The advancements in technology, combined with social media, is proving unethical behavior exists and with the click of a button it is shared as entertainment. The nature of this controversy is explicit, uncensored, and on public display through media.

A lot of media coverage involves police related controversies due to claims of violent and excessive force and injustice. Injustice is evident through shared content of the physical encounters with suspects, sometimes leading to the deaths. It has become common to view uncensored, violent and the unethical content and spread it through social media causing controversy.

Although unethical behavior is not new, it is being thrown into the spotlight. As unethical behavior is becoming noticeable different laws and restriction have been set in place to limit the propaganda; preventing social media view. For example, North Carolina’s governor banned police body camera footage from the public view. The idea of limiting the exposure to the public does not fix the controversial issue but suppresses it. The Rodney King murder which occurred in 1991 showed the violent, unethical behavior and excessive force used by law enforcement. This was a time when social media, the Internet, etc. was not familiar or accessible, however, unethical behavior was recorded and released to the public.

The issue isn’t technologies, social media or the ability to share content. It is in the actual unethical acts and the fact that some people find no foul in it. The immediate removal of unethical behavior in entertainment and social media would be a positive effect in the way it is perceived. The issue is not with social media it is with the content created and viewed and an increase in conversation due to the exposure via social media. Eliminating social media, restricting the sharing of unethical behavior (videos), enforcing laws to limit the distribution of police content will not fix the problem. For example, Twitter users can report material that is offensive or should be censored. However, it is based on content laws, privacy act, basically up to Twitter personnel to make the judgment of whether the content should be removed; this is also biased. There are already restrictions set in place, but there are still issues with people exhibiting unethical behavior and finding it in entertainment or used as entertainment. Entertainment has made unethical behavior in ways acceptable.





























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Fake Deep #Selfish&Mean

I spend too much time staring at screens

Looking for the meaning of life and for what it all means

I see an idea of how lovers should be

I know that their “living the life.”

But it’s only TV

Reality TV is far from reality

Yet I can’t escape it

How has social media become an obsession of mine?

The only thought in my mind as I scroll up and down my time line

It’s only after the sun sets that I realize how much time I spent

I go outside of my budget every time

I get way more than what I bargained for

Admiring, feeling fake determined, looking for an interpretation, living through looking at people living in make-believe, gaining an understanding of everything but of nothing.

I don’t want to be the blind leading the blind

“A wise man knows that he knows nothing at all.”

A world is an individual thing

An experience is all in one’s own mind

To get the big picture, we can’t remain small by staring at someone else’s picture


An excerpt from “An Ode to the ‘Good Girl’” available in paperback or kindle (e-book)

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