I heard it was cuffing season

so is there a reason

why im still outchea


I joined tinder

plenty of fish

and made a poppin account on Christian mingle.
I’ve prayed to God

read the Quran

pledge to be a ride or die on any man’s arm.
I’ve proven to be a “good girl”

I’m a freak in the sheets

I even dated a vegan and I’ve given up meat.
I’m the perfect girl, well woman

yeah that’s what I am…
That’s why I’m perfect for cuffing season

I heard they was looking for me…

I make good benefits

but I ain’t Kash doll,
I heard they was looking for me

I’m waiting for a brave nigga

to inspect my cash roll
Bitch here I go!!
I aint gonna say it no mo
I’m tired of cuffing season coming and going

leaving me behind

like I aint religious

and it’s the end of the world

how revelations go?
Left behind as usual

Yes, I’m accusing you

of being a man living with double standards.
But “good women are so hard to find”

yeah yeah, I’ll get the phrase printed on some lanyards
The girl of your dreams

stuffed up in a time capsule, better yet bottled.
A bottle thrown into the sea never again to be found nor swaddled…